Good Books

Book Idea

This conversation usually starts with “What if there was a Little Book of Words Every ________ Should Know?”

Topic Expert

We find an expert with real life experience on the subject they make sure our content is authentic.


We gather stories from thousands of people who have real life experiences on the topic.


We turn mountains of data from interviews, and conversations into an inspirational book.

The Perfect Little Book

Once we complete every step, we produce a life changing easy to read inspirational book.

Buy a Book

Our books come directly from the printer to your mailbox. We had to make a tough choice between paying the big retailers and etailers, or sell directly to the people we create each book for, and we chose the latter. This choice makes it possible for Little Book of Words to keep our prices low and use the money generated from every inspirational book we sell to fight illiteracy and provide age appropriate books to people in need.

So, in a nutshell, we had to choose between paying expensive distribution fees and potentially selling more titles or to offer free shipping on every purchase, give a free ebook with every purchase, and give books to children in need. We chose our customers and most importantly, we chose the children…I mean, who wouldn’t?