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The Little Book of Words Promise

We promise to create easy to read inspirational books on topics that people care about, to put our customers and community first, and to do our part to eliminate illiteracy. We do this in two ways:

Inspirational Books

First, by publishing pocket sized inspirational books on a variety of topics. We conduct extensive research on each subject and partner with authors with first hand knowledge of their subjects for readers who need practical advice, easy to apply action steps, and inspiration from people who have been where they are.

Inspirational Books

Second, our pocket sized inspirational books are the tools we use to help stamp out illiteracy. To do this we donate money from each sale to buy a book for a person in need our literacy partners are an extension of our business model— we call it Buy a Book, Give a Book, aka BAB-GAB.

What are Little Book of Words?

Little Book of Words are a series of inspirational books that cover different topics. Every time someone buys a book we give a book to a person in need.

We combine the stories and experiences from subject matter experts into inspirational books that address the things that matter most to our readers.

Our History

Every story has a beginning, ours began with love.

Inspirational Books

“I started Little Book of Words started with the belief that you can build a sustainable business with giving at the core, that if you created inspirational books relevant to niche audiences people would want to read more. Book by inspirational book we will change lives and impact the world by making more books accessible to people who can’t afford them. Buy a Book Give a Book is who we are, it’s what we do, and it’s at the core of who we will always be.” – Chadwick Sapenter Founder Little Book of Words

Our founder, Chadwick Sapenter, lost nearly everything in the economic crisis of 2008 — a successful business, his home, people he thought were his friends. But never did he lose hope.

Having grown up in the foster care system, Chadwick regularly gave motivational speeches to foster children. The children he spoke with were often depressed and despondent, thinking that they didn’t have the ability to change their lives. He had a lightbulb moment: The children needed to hear from someone who had been where they were and overcome, in a format that was easy to understand and easy to carry around with them. The idea for Little Book of Words was born.

Chadwick wrote all his advice for foster kids and compiled it into a sheaf of papers. In order to keep the books affordable and avoid the red tape of the traditional publishing industry, he decided to publish them on his own. He had to learn about the publishing process, from editing to printing to binding.

He knew all along that he wanted to do more than just publish books: He wanted to help end illiteracy by giving a book to a child in need for every book purchased from Little Book of Words. The BAB-GAB idea became central to the company, a way to eliminate the root cause of society’s ills rather than just treat the symptoms.

The first book published was, Little Book of Words Every Foster Kid Should Know proved that there is a demand for easy-to-read inspirational books targeting a specific audience. Fueled by our mission, we’re working to create even more books on just about any topic that will inspire our readers. And with each book sold, we come one step closer to making sure every child has access to books. Little Book of Words is more than a company it’s a movement to change the world one Little Book at a time.