First Time Mom

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A companion full of encouragement, wisdom, and stories for first time mothers of every background, circumstance, and situation. Not an instructional manual or a how to, but a heartfelt opportunity to connect with other mothers who may be experiencing the same frustrations, excitement, and hardships as you are.

LBOW interviewed thousands of mothers from all walks of life about their first time mom experiences to grasp their struggles, triumphs, and tragedies expressed to us through their stories of what they went through during the amazing experience of raising a child for the first time. During this process every mother was asked, “if there’s one word you would share with a first time mom what would it be and why?” We received thousands of different responses and based on those responses to that single question we were able to narrow them all down to the ten most frequently suggested words that every first time mom should know.


Many of the mothers we interviewed cited feeling overwhelmed during their pregnancy with rigid manual information concerning what their first time motherhood experience would be. Along with unwanted and often times harsh advice from family members, friends and sometimes strangers they met along their journey to motherhood led them feeling alone, nervous, and incapable. LBOW EFTMSN gives first time moms a voice to share what their experiences were from all angles and from the perspective of the real experts – the moms!

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