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After months of late nights and early mornings spent building, planning, crying, sweating, and finally seeing a dream that began years ago become a reality I am excited to introduce you to my company Little Book of Words Publishing. I’ve gotten a lot of questions about what I’ve been up to so to answer the questions once this post will cover the majority of those questions. Which can be summed up as: What is Little Book of Words, What do we do, Why we do it, and Where do we do it.

Just about every question that you could have about Little Book of Words: our brand, our inspirational books, and our mission can be found by visiting our frequently asked questions pg there you will find short answers to commonly asked questions and if you want more detailed explanations you could learn about our story here.

What is Little Book of Words? Glad you asked.
Little Book of Words is a small print publishing company that produces inspirational books on just about any topic and every time someone buys a book we give a book to a person in need, something we call “bab-gab”. In a nutshell we are a publisher of easy to read inspirational books, written on a variety of topics that appeal specifically to different audiences, and every book is portable meaning you can and should take it with you everywhere you go. One person when trying to understand what we do said “If Dummies, Chicken Soup For The Soul, and Toms Shoes got together and had a baby it would be Little Book of Words.” I haven’t decided if I like that analogy but I have to admit it was pretty accurate in a weird corporate type of way.
What do we do?
We write, publish, print, and deliver books written on different topics directly to the consumer. The greatest aspect of what we do is within our process. From idea to published book our process enables us to follow a consistent formula to produce valuable content for every reader. This means that every title will be uniquely customized for the designated audience, and even though the content the layout and style will be familiar.
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Why we do it?
I believe that regardless of where you are from, what you’ve been through, or your current circumstance you can do anything. Our why embodies this belief that we have in ourselves and the belief we have in inspiring others and giving people a need the opportunity to pursue their anything. When I started my goal was only to give children who were in any form of foster care hope that they could accomplish anything and that there were people who had been where they are who have done great things and that they could to. This lead me to understand that at the root of just about every social issue we face whether we  are talking about poverty, foster care, crime etc. at the root of all of these one of the major causes was something I took for granted the ability to read and write at a basic level. It made since to me that this would be an issue in developing countries, but it hit close to home when I learned that one third of Americans nearly 100 million people of every race, age, and background in the country I love and am proud to call home can’t read or write well enough to fill out a job application, read the instructions on a prescription bottle, or share the adventure of reading an inspirational book to their child.
Inspirational Books
Where can you find Little Book of Words titles?
For now you can only find Little Book of Words titles on our online store. There are a lot of reasons why so I’ll save you the details and sum it up by saying I am a huge believer in the power of eCommerce to give small companies a level playing field with the corporate Goliath’s. This gives us the opportunity to deliver the best service possible from the time you order until it’s delivered we maintain a connection and take responsibility for every person who makes a book purchase.
I hope this answers the general questions you have, but if you still have some we’ve provided this detailed frequently asked questions section and if your question isn’t addressed there you can always send me a question directly here.

If you are looking for a brief explanation you can always look at and share this explainer video.


Thank you,

Chadwick Sapenter

CEO and Founder Little Book of Words Publishing


Chadwick Sapenter is the founder of Little Book of Words.

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